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Steamvault is the third instance in Coilfang Reservoir, and the hardest one other than the raid zone. It houses three bosses and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete with a good, balanced group.


There are two quests for Steamvault.

* The Warlord's Hideout
This quest is obtained outside the instance, by the meeting stone. It asks you to slay Warlord Kalithresh. Rewards are decent blue head pieces with meta-gem slots. You will get 19,000 XP and 13 gold from this quest, or just gold if you're 70! You also receive 250 Cenarion Expedition faction.

* Coilfang Armaments
This quest you find inside the instance itself, and it starts off a drop - Orders from Lady Vashj. After you hand it into the NPC in Cenarion Expedition camp in Zangarmarsh, you are told to retrieve Coilfang Armaments. Fortunately, you can pick those up while you clear the instance, as they are just regular rep items (after you finish this quest). This quest also awards 250 CE faction.

Reputation Gains

All rep gains in this dungeon are for Cenarion Expedition. Most naga give 12 rep / kill. Bog Overlords give 24 rep. Neutral slaves are worth 2? if you decide to slay them. Gnomes on the way to Mekgineer Steamrigger give 2 rep each as well. Bosses give over 100 rep.

There are also coilfang armaments, which give 75 rep per turn-in after you have completed the first quest.

There are three bosses in Steamvault.

* Hydromancer Thespia
Thespia has 3 abilities. Enveloping Winds, which is a dispellable stun. Lung Burst which is a Damage-over-time single target spell and Lightning Cloud, the deadliest ability, a hurricane-like target AE which does upwards 2000 damage per second. She also comes with 2 water elemental guards which have a frostbolt volley hitting around 800 damage to everyone inside the room.

Common strategy is to have the tank charge in and grab aggro on her and one of the elementals, while the rest of the party quickly burns the second elemental guard. Afterwards, switch to the other guard, then once he's dead, start on Thespia. She is very weak without her guards and has a fairly small arsenal.

Make sure to get out of the cloud! (turn your spell effect graphics to max if you have problems)

* Mekgineer Steamrigger
Steamrigger is a fairly straight forward fight. He has three abilities, Shrink ray which will reduce your damage by 35%, Saw Blade which is a cone attack dealing about 2000 damage (spread out to avoid many people getting hit) and Electrified Net, which immobilizes its target. Throughout the fight he will summon 3 gnome engineers to "repair" him. They are non-elite and have to be killed, otherwise they will heal Steamrigger.

There is really not much strategy for this fight, other than spread out, keep the healer in the center so they can heal everyone in the party, and kill the gnomes when they try to heal their boss.

* Warlord Kalithresh
Kalithresh is another simple fight, albeit with a twist. This boss, again, has three abilities. He has a single target Impale, which puts a bleed effect on its target (can be removed with Blessing of Proection), Spell Reflection which looks like a mana shield, and he will also drain tanks near him periodically to buff himself. You can destroy the tanks as they're channeling the buff, to prevent it from enraging the Warlord.

This is yet another tank 'n spank encounter, except you have to destroy the tanks as they channel the buff, or Kalithresh will deal out more damage, faster. It is possible to heal through it, although not recommended. Just destroy the tanks and you'll be fine.
Other Stuff

Steamvault also has the second part of the Karazhan key. It is underwater, close to Hydromancer Thespia, the first boss.

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