Thursday, February 8, 2007, posted by WoW Fan at 9:37 PM
With the recent release of the newly patched Auctioneer, I thought of posting a guide as to how to make money off it. I am not going to dwell too much into it as this is not something new but will highlight some important points to take note of.

So first and foremost download and install Auctioneer Addon if you haven't already done so and a good supporting addon to use with this is CT_MailMod. At this juncture you would have to download the entire CTMod collection but you may only add CT_MailMod into your Addon folder if you prefer to use other collections instead.

The whole idea is to scan the AH and look for bargains which in turn you can make some nice profit on. Here are some guidelines on how to do this well:

1] Run scans often to keep your Auctioneer pricing data updated.
2] Bid on Tuesdays before server maintenance on items with short or medium durations.
3] Scan late on Sunday night or early Monday morning to obtain weekend seller items.
4] Sell during the weekends as this is usually a peak period for buying and selling.
5] Watch out for desperate sellers on Trade channel and make them an offer.
6] Be wary of higher level rare and epic items (+40) as placing them on AH requires high deposit. So make sure the item is in demand. This also applies to buying higher level items.
7] Always set buyout price for your items.
8] Break down stackable in demand trade items and selling them in smaller units can sometimes be better than selling the entire stack of 20.

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At February 14, 2007 at 1:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

You should also get a mod called "Shopping List"

Allows you to make shopping list and scan the Actioneer data for items that are on your list. Good to put twink gear and stuff in it.