Friday, December 3, 2010, posted by WoW Fan at 12:00 PM
Savage Leather and Deepsea Scales, which are both very widely used mats for crafting Cataclysm's Leatherworking items. Well in Wetlands / Menethil Harbour, near the docks is several sharks named Harbor Shredfin of level 22 range which you can skin and apparently they have semi decent droprate while skinning for Savage Leather and Deepsea Scales.

Another even better spot if you bring along a skinner friend is in Eastern Plaguelands killing and skinning Landlocked Grouper. I went and tested out this spot with a friend, we noticed this spot has a forced spawn between the 2 sides of the bridge. So there is ALWAYS mobs to kill almost instantaneously.

As mentioned, this spot actually works a lot faster then the Menethil Harbour spot IF you have a skinner friend doing the other side of the bridge. You will Always have a mob in range to kill and few others to skin. Infact we were having problems managing to actually skin all the mobs we killed.

Other notable mobs that can be skinned for Savage Leather are:

Wetlands [Skinning Skill required: 105 - 115]
Harbor Shredfin
Ocean Shredfin

Thousand Needles [Skinning Skill required: 200 - 215]
Remora Scrounger
Barbed Gassgill

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