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  • Level: 66-68
  • Players: 5
  • Located: Auchenai Crypt, The Large Crater to the South of Shadrath City

Auchenei crypts is the second instance in the Auchindoun complex, with continues its predecessor's proliferation of non-standard fights. Once again, the vast majority of the creatures within the instance are casters, and thus cannot be tanked too well. This, coupled with invisible mobs, make this an instance that requires quick reflexes and spur of the moment strategies. While this instance is blissfully quick to do for the appropriate group, its difficulty, coiled with the fact that quests for it are part of long chains, make the instance a reasonably unpopular choice. That said, any Horde player must complete this instance at least once, for it is part of one of the major overarching Horde storylines.

Party Makeup
Crowd Control and DPS are essential for this instance. Due to the nature of the first boss, who has the ability to slow spell casting by 200%. Instant cast spells and channeled spells are unaffected by the debuff. Destruction Warlocks and especially Fire or Frost Mages are poor choices for DPS. The ideal group includes at least one priest or Paladin (preferably both), along with sufficient DPS (Hunter, Rogue and Arcane Mages). That said, parties will still need to bring a mage for AOE purposed. Finally, the best healers for this instance or those that can heal without casting long spells, making Druid HOTs and the Shadow Priest's Vampiric Aura the obvious choices.

1] Protection Paladin (Tank)
2] Shadow Priest (DPS, Shadowheal)

3] Druid (Main Healer)
4] Hunter (Ranged DPS)
5] Mage (AOE, DPS) / Warlock (DOTs, DPS)


Shirrak the Dead Watcher
Exarch Maladaar

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